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Saad Plast Plastic Industries Factory is equipped with the latest equipment and machines for manufacturing plastic pipes and accessories with international mechanical and chemical properties in accordance with German specifications.
FROM- 19534 U.P.V.C type.
The company's products are marketed locally and in Arab countries , Our latest products are accessories with a “6-4” barrel and a cannon with a wide internal opening
Our factory is technologically advanced and our products keep pace with the development of the times .

God willing, we will be the leading factory for manufacturing plastic pipes and accessories in Qatar .
Polyvinyl chloride is made by polymerizing vinyl chloride and has been widely used in many countries for years 1948 In the manufacture of pipes for drawing water .

Rigid or non-plastic polyvinyl chloride is converted into tubes by hot extrusion , The tube is drawn continuously and then cut into lengths of 1 to 6 meters for easy transportation and use .

Our PVC pipes are non-toxic ,It has no taste or smell and is used to transport drinking water, any liquid, or any liquid foods .
As well as for drawing natural gas, it is not affected by many chemical factors, which increases its working life more than any pipe made of other materials. It is expected that the life of steel polyvinyl chloride pipes will reach approximately 50 years

What distinguishes PVC pipes from others? ,Light weight ,Ease of transport and extension ,Its quick installation, simplicity, high flexibility and smooth inner surface. Which prevents internal deposits , Thus, reducing the loss resulting from friction during flow more than other traditional pipes .

Properties and use

Pressure pipes made of rigid polyvinyl chloride are used to transport liquids and drinking water . . . .

General features and benefits

Thermal expansion Steel PVC pipes have a thermal expansion factor . . . .

Quality policy

Saad Plast Company, through its pursuit of quality management certification . . . .

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