General features and benefits

General features and benefits

Thermal expansion
Pipes made of steel PVC have a high thermal expansion factor ( 0.080 mm m/°C )Like all plastic products, the necessary precautions must be taken when installing them above the ground, as they are exposed to severe thermal changes .

When temperatures rise or fall after installation, the pipes are exposed to expansion or contraction, and if they are installed at both ends, compressive or tensile stresses occur depending on their expansion or contraction. . Therefore, only one end of the pipes should be fixed when they are connected to fixed points and not firmly attached to any support or wall . If necessary, special double connections or flexible connections must be used .

Immunity to combustion
Pipes made of solid polyvinyl chloride are incombustible and flames cannot travel through them .

Pressure pipes are made of polyvinyl chloride according to a special formula that can withstand all difficult climate conditions. It is not affected by climate fluctuations, humidity, or sunlight. . (And resistance to (u.v) ) as orderd.

The use of polyvinyl chloride pipes in the ground subject to subsidence is an appropriate test because cracking of the earth’s crust or exposure to the maximum load does not affect these pipes. . It does not break because of the ability to twist when necessary without using special elbows . Using it remains less expensive and more reliable .

Smoothness of the inner surface
The extremely smooth inner surface of PVC pipes ensures easy flow as it prevents deposits on the walls of the internal pipes and thus reduces the loss resulting from friction. The amount of water flowing inside the pipes does not change throughout the period of its use and therefore it is not necessary to take a corrosion factor into consideration. .

Below is a quick overview of the cost-effective benefits of using rigid PVC pipes:-

In installation:
– Light weight and easy handling .
– Low transportation cost .
– Ease of installation and quick completion .
– Ease of cutting and piercing pipes .
– Durability and long period of use .
– Suitable lengths ( 6 meters or longer upon request )
– Savings on the number of connections .
– Good for use above and below ground, saving elbows for all standards .
– Flexibility of the connections, thus the possibility of deviation without special connections .

In use:
– Smooth interior surface reduces frictional loss .
– Corrosion resistance inside and out .
– Good insulation .
– Fixed amount of flow, so there is no need for an additional agent for internal walls .
– Tight connections that are completely insulated from liquids and where different adhesives can be used .
– Low pumping costs .

In maintenance:
– Does not deteriorate over time .
– Withstands rapid temperature changes .
– Resistant to the effects of sunlight and ice .
– Resistant to most solutions and resistant to rodents .
– Withstands harsh blows .